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Humanity and World today

The exponential increase in the dynamics of modern socioeconomic life, in the context of globalization and climate change, exerts enormous pressure on everyone. Trying to survive in this turbulent environment, in which the prediction of surrounding events is increasingly difficult, requires a force of continuous adaptation. In the absence of a vision corresponding to the meaning of this dynamic evolution of Reality and using only concepts and knowledge specific to a historical stage that admitted with a linear approximation and a Newtonian approach, Humanity faces more and more difficult stress
Starting from the most well-known definition that states that "sustainable development is development that seeks to satisfy the needs of the present, but which does not compromise the possibility of future generations to satisfy their own needs", we can immediately understand the situation of the current world, because we see a continuous increase in consumption a globalized society, while the recovery of material resources involves natural processes that cannot be accelerated beyond the limit
The survival of Human Beings on Earth depends on the ability to create and innovate based on a new vision of the Universe, of the role of Human Beings in the stabilization of life, a vision that allows the perception of Nature as a holistic phenomenon.

We need to consider the Human Being as a Spiritual Being and not just as a resource

About us

Exploring and learning about nature provides real-world solutions based on complexity science

The Human Knowledge Research and Development Institute is a non-political, non-profit research organization that explores, seeks to understand and solve humanity's most critical problems and aims to provide new thinking tools based on Complex Systems Theory.
It brings together scientists and researchers from multiple disciplines to conduct fundamental and applied research, launch pilot projects, and develop recommendations, policies, and practical solutions for the best decisions.
We are part of the Human Knowledge Research and Development Institute that disseminates scientific knowledge in society.

Our vision

Education is the basis of a happy planet, where there is Peace, people collaborate, where every being, every species finds its own role and purpose and together we make a leap towards cosmic consciousness
Gaia must remain a living planet for us and future generations

Our Mission

We bring together people from various fields of activity to share with each other the experience, the vision of tomorrow's world and to create a common vision of the future on the planet Gaia
Together with our mentors based on the most advanced scientific discoveries, we propose a paradigm shift in the world, to rediscover the connection with Cosmic Intelligence, with God

Teachers for new paradigm 

In order to understand the complexity of phenomena we need to be able to look from multiple perspectives.
With decades of research and experience in both theoretical and practical areas, our teachers are pioneers both in their field of expertise and also in complementary disciplines.
Going from mathematics to economy, from neurosciences to frontier science, from understanding the human brain to rediscovering the perfection of the nature, they are bringing to us a new knowledge about present challenges and also solutions for human evolution in the new paradigm 

Our objective

Changing the world takes time: sometimes years sometimes generations and each of us can bring a personal contribution to this change
The objective of this academy is to help students to take the first step
in identifying both the nature of present crisis and also the solutions to address this problems, from a higher level of understanding; and from this level further on to initiate projects in all areas of life, as foundation for a sustainable future.

We offer people the opportunity to develop together

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Be educated, be empowered!

We are the place that connects the spirituality of the East and the science of the West

Albert Einstein

We can't solve today's problems with the mentality that created them.

It is the responsibility of every human being to aspire to do something worthwhile, to make the world a better place than the one we found
Mihai Eminescu
Expecting to reap anything from a land, other than what was sown in, it would be childish.

Equality exists only in Mathematics
Mahatma Gandhi
If you want to change the world, start with yourself

Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world; but to change ourselves.

Our teachers

 Prof. Dr. Florian Colceag
He is an international gifted education expert, the inventor of a mathematical modeling system with the help of algebraic fractals, acting as a consultant in multiple research teams in fields such as biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, education, sociology, complexity theory, economics.
He trained the Olympic mathematics team, being the holder of a world record - 84 medals won by the students he trained at the international mathematics Olympiads

Prof. Dr. Florin Munteanu
Titular member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists, Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences, Co-founder and Head of the UNESCO Department of Geodynamics within the Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy, founding President of the Center for Complex Studies, main promoter of of the Complexity paradigm in Romania    

Prof. Dr. Leon Zăgrean
Founding president of the Romanian National Neuroscience Society, member of the Romanian Society of Physiology, member of the European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB), member of the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), member of the European Federation of National Neuroscience Societies
He organized neuroscience courses starting since 1988

Our teachers

Mrs. Rodica Efros
 She is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University Al. I. Cuza, Iasi, specialization in Special Psychopedagogy and Social Assistance and graduate of a master's degree in Communication and Human Resource Management (SNSPA, Bucharest).
A long series of other trainings and experiences have strengthened her professional quality. He has experience in organizational management (education) (entrepreneur as well as educational manager). She has been involved and is involved in various formal and informal education projects.
The reference expertise is in the issue of conceptualizing educational programs for adults and children. She specializes in the psychopedagogy of excellence (of gifted and highly skilled children).
Architect, Philosopher and Sociologist,
─ university professor emeritus doctor at the University "Al. I. Cuza" from Iași, PhD supervisor in logic, creatology and semiology; associate professor at AKAMAI University in the USA; member of the Academy of Science and Art in Ankara (Turkey); member of the Romanian Academy of Quantum Therapies; member of the Romanian Association of Scientists; first degree scientific researcher and trainer in the field of human optimization; president of AROSS - Romanian Association of Semiotic Studies; vice-president of ANATECOR - the National Association of Complementary Therapies from Romania; scientific director at the National Institute of Invention in Iasi, laureate of the Romanian Academy, inventor awarded with dozens of gold medals and (co)author of 50 spiritual and scientific initiation books
Commander of the Military Order of Romania
Mrs. Corina Anastasescu

She is a graduate of the College of Music and Pedagogy in Balti, Republic of Moldova, specialized in music educator and music teacher. Corina is also a graduate in Music Pedagogy from the Alecu Russo State University, Bălţi.
Corina believes that the modern world, through its complex diversity, overwhelms us, keeps us so captive that we fail to live life through its essence.
But the children are the ones who give it its true meaning. They are the ones who show us the simplicity and naturalness of things, challenge us to find new ways to join them in the great journey of knowing the world and our own knowledge. And music and the cleverness of the mind are two of the most beautiful and complex ways to accompany them in this endeavor.

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Together, we are changing the world

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