Empowering communities towards sustenability

Who we are

Our vision

Education is the basis of a happy planet, where there is Peace, people collaborate, where every being, every species finds its own role and purpose and together we make a leap towards cosmic consciousness.
Gaia must remain a living planet for us and future generations. 
The Human Knowledge Research and Development Institute is a non-political, non-profit research organization that explores, seeks to understand and solve humanity's most critical problems and aims to provide new thinking tools based on Complex Systems Theory.
It brings together scientists and researchers from multiple disciplines to conduct fundamental and applied research, launch pilot projects, and develop recommendations, policies, and practical solutions for the best decisions

Commitment & Dedication

We’re dedicated to our shared vision and mission: to empower students, support partners, and work together to make a collective impact.

Students come first

When we prioritize our students, we make decisions and take action based on the needs of our students and the best interests of students overall

Continuous Learning

We are committed to continuous learning and growth. We are constantly expanding our knowledge, improving and experimenting in our work.

Respect for others

We believe in making decisions that have the greatest possible impact on individuals and society. 
A diverse team united by a common goal - A BETTER WORLD



  • Restoration of ecosystems / biodiversity
  • Researching the way of communication with plants and trees
  • Preservation of endangered species


  • Children education based on Universal Values
  • Training young people for living life, not for the labor market
  • Imagining the jobs of the future

Green World Economy

  • Circular economy, following the patterns of nature
  • Green Cities
  • Green energy
  • Creating sustainable communities for sustainable development


  • Restoring the doctor-patient relationship and leaving the doctor-client paradigm
  • Researching DNA and understanding its role
  • Holistic approach to health
  • Implementation of the latest research technologies in medicine

Together, we are changing the world

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